How Hoteliers Can Free Up Concierge and Front Desk Staff by Enabling Travelers

Posted by Amie Darboe on Jan 30, 2018 1:27:30 PM –

here was a time in the lodging industry where the concierge was king and queen to hotel guests. During those days when options in the Yellow Pages and other directories were overwhelming, guests would turn to a hotel’s concierge to help answer even their most basic local travel questions.

If guests at your property are still turning to your concierge for the same things and at the same rates they did during the days when mobile devices and online search engines weren’t ubiquitous, then you are not best utilizing your staff’s time. There are ways to free up your concierge and front desk staff’s time when it comes to their interactions with travelers so they can focus on making the best overall guest experience possible:


pexels-photo (3)

Utilize Mobile Technology

Walking up to their desks or calling them shouldn’t be the only way your guests can reach your concierge and front desk staff. Providing guests with a number to text makes it easy for them to quickly get their questions answered and enables your customer-facing team members to be able to work with multiple customers at a time.

List Top Local Restaurants

Travelers want restaurant recommendations from locals. Your concierge already knows the ones they recommend so instead of waiting until a guest goes to the front desk to ask, you can preemptively answer this inevitable question by providing them with a list of local restaurants they should consider checking out. You can send this list to guests in your pre-arrival emails, hand it out to them during check in, or have it waiting in their rooms once they check in.

Link to Bookable Activities 

In addition to wanting to know where to eat, even guests with prepared itineraries often want to know what locals think they should do during their stay. Providing your guests with a link to instantly bookable activities using a platform like OnceThere helps your concierge easily answer this question.


Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 5.31.22 PM

Kiosk in the Lobby 

Having a kiosk in your lobby for guests to check in, book local activities, or make service requests can help reduce the number of calls your concierge and front desk staff receive. Additionally, it gives guests a fun thing to do while they’re waiting in your lobby for friends, rides, or food delivery.

Enabling travelers with any of those tips will not only increase efficiencies at your property, but will also have a positive impact on guest satisfaction.


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