To foster and affirm the highest standards of concierge professionalism though effective networking, training, mentoring and information sharing, resulting in better service and ambassadors for the destination.

June 1987 (Founders: Estella Collazo, Michele Stilla and Marc Romero)

Over two hundred and seventy nine concierge members representing eighty fine hotels, resorts and condominiums in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties and the Florida Keys.


  • To bring together concierges in hotels, resorts and selected condominiums and as such to establish and promote high professional and ethical standards.
  • To encourage friendship and communication among concierges and related guest service personnel in South Florida, the United States and throughout the world.
  • To expand and assist in the training of those entering the concierge profession and, in general, to promote, foster, enhance, and improve the technical skills and professionalism of concierges and guest service personnel.
  • To coordinate, promote and assist in the activities and interests of concierges.
  • To foster the development of the role of the concierge in the hotel industry and tourism in general.
  • To maintain the highest standards of concierge service.

The Southern Florida Concierge Association has sponsored and participated in various community and charity projects including Aids Walk Miami, Riccardia Programs, Kristi House Halloween candy drive, Toys for Tots toy drive, feeding the needy with the Health Crisis Network.  We have also donated scholarships to the International Concierge Institute (I.C.I.), financially assisting individuals who would like a formal training in the Concierge profession.

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